done virtually …

Hosting & Attending exhibitions & trade shows are now hassle free with our hybrid / virtual exhibitions. 

Our Platform delivers fully customizable and highly interactive expo platform with registration, lobby, networking center, presentation hall, exhibition booths, helping exhibitors to reach out to their potential market.

Virtual exhibitions open up the trade show event to the global community whereby extending the market outreach.

Key Features and Benefits Include:

  • Custom branded stands & booths and sponsor spaces for revenue streams
  •  Advanced ‘connecting’ features enabling delegates to fully network online e.g. exchange business youjizz, build personalised ‘buddy’ lists
  •  Real-time live chat and 1-1 video between visitors and booth owners for personal interaction.
  •  Resource centres, networking lounges and live presentation auditoriums
  • ​ Detailed data capture and live post-event attendee analytics for CRM and targeted marketing
  •  Live streaming of HD quality broadcasts globally
  • Interaction between live and virtual delegates
  • Built-in e-commerce for business transactions in ‘real-time’


  • Effective opportunity to strengthen business positions and enter new markets;
  • Attracting the attention of target audience and targeted communication;
  • Optimisation of expenses and achievement of the maximum effect from participation
  • Customised booth designs with interactive features to engage in an active business communication environment with the consumer;
  • Booth analytics and multiple reporting statistics
  • Possibility of targeted advertising, the growth in the number of potential customers.


  • Can attend the exhibition from any part of the world saving time and financial resources;
  • Quick access to targeted information about companies’ achievements, their products and services;
  • Direct and effective communication;
  • Immense networking opportunities
  • Participation in promotional and bonus programmes;


  • Interactive online support of real exhibitions, forums of conferences;
  • Improving the quality of exhibition services using innovative technologies;
  • Increase of exhibitions, forums and conferences attendance due to the expansion of borders, audiences and time;
  • Creation of an interactive business network for exhibitors and visitors
  • User engagement data captured throughout the event.
  • Selling branding space for exhibitions