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Personal Events

We @ EventsGlobal24 7 believe in living life to the fullest. Be it Wedding or Graduation, these are much awaited special days in ones life where dreams are turned to life moments.  These moments are made special by having the presence of the near & dear ones spread across the globe

EventsGlobal247 is a virtual event specialist who can curate and execute events of all types creating
lasting impressions.

Do you have an upcoming wedding or want to throw a surprise graduation party or host a personal event virtually?

Contact us to plan your virtual event in an entirely new way.

Corporate Events

Corporate events like annual gatherings, product launches, trainings and board meetings are increasingly moving online. While there is no substitute for the people energy at these events, with the right strategy and technology, virtual gatherings still create lasting impact. Its time to give your townhalls, product launches and seminars an online address and use the flexibility of digital content.

Virtualize your next corporate event

To create an engaging virtual experience, you need to do more than simply put your content into an app or website. That’s where we come in. We’ve taken our event hosting experience clubbed with the most customizable virtual platform to allow corporates to host memorable events to drive strategic objectives, strengthen teams and inspire your target audiences.

  • Bring in live guest speakers and executives from all over the world
  • Digital product launches to reach large global audiences using Augmented Reality to provide exceptional content that’s visually stunning
  • Online training and workshops to connect with employees, stakeholders through easy digital logins.
  • Create interactive annual corporate gathering which weave recognition into the event like awards, shout outs and fun competitions.
  • Use online game tools to promote team building activities
  • Deliver production elements that WOW like dynamic motion graphics and replicate venues to bring in familiarity of office spaces.
  • Leverage an onscreen, virtual host to keep the action moving

Hybrid Events

Both physical & virtual events bring with it, it’s own advantages and limitations. Having lived the benefits of both the world MICE industry is undergoing a paradigm shift to Hybrid events. The physical conference or event will be extended with an interactive live broadcast to reach a wider audience & engage them in an effective manner. The co-existence of physical & virtual will enable organisations to reach a broader global audience with active involvement and engagement.

Save money and time.

Join the virtual revolution and improve your events.

Step One

EventsGlobal247 has created service packages to help you run your event. If you are not sure, talk to us and we can assist and create a bespoke event for you.

Step Two

Once the events is confirmed, please share the attendees detail. EventsGlobal 247 will email, text your attendees to enable and assist them with the technical needs.

Step Three

You are all set for the event so log on or Let the event begin, log on we’ll handle the rest. Experience an emotional, seamless, elaborate and engaging event, all from the comfort of your home